Minimizing key editor prevents mouse scrolling in project

if i open the key editor then minimize it I can no longer use the mouse weel to scroll up and down the project…as soon as i close the key editor i can use it again…is this normal?

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confirmed. that’s a bug then, can you post to issues?

will do…well I was going to but it’s locked… :confused: ok got it…it should be there, tried to put in the “confirmed” but it was locked…

so it doesn’t show…I’m supposed to follow some special method (i know not what this method is and aint got time to find out)

getting a bit sick of paying Steiny so’s I can beta test something I’ve paid for… :frowning:

i think there’s a lag after it’s been approved & before it appears or something…
still surprised it took this long for someone to discover it.

any luck?

i found this bug with other windows, too. it just happened to me with the Pool.