Minimogue VA/Luxus and Cubase > 4? SOLVED!!

I’m still very sad about the fact the Minimogue VA/Luxus doesn’t work correctly anymore in Cubase 5. It’s actually playable when loaded but if I try to display the GUI, to activate the arpeggiator or edit something else, Cubase freezes for me and I have to restart the computer. I’ve tested this on Cubase 5* versions, on XP and VISTA, both 32-bit and the result is the same. Cubase 4? No problems at all. I’ve also tried the new 2.3 version, same behaviour.

I know that someone had this running with Cubase 5 and as it seems to be some kind of problem with the new SynthEdit modules, what may be done to get this absolutely excellent VSTi running?

I have Minimogue running on 5.5.2 and Win7 no problem at all. It’s been fine on all the way from 5.1.1, no problems with the GUI or anything, I just dropped it straight in the machine and there it was. I had C5 running on XP for a while and I think it worked there also. Not sure which version of Minimogue I’m running though. I seem to vaguely remember updating it at some time about a year ago.

The only issue I have is that the output is very hot so I have to remember to go to it in stop mode and turn the master volume down on the Mogue before hitting play, rather than just jump to it on the fly.

I hope you get it sorted, it’s a great little synth. I use it all the time.

I actually just solved the problem on both XP and Vista. Having worked as a software support I started analyzing the problem and decided to go for a manual update of the DirectX software on both computers and it actually solved the problem!! :smiley:

I really thought that DirectX was included in the weekly updates from Microsoft but I was proven wrong. Anyway it’s working now and I’m very happy indeed! :slight_smile:

The reason for this working with W7 is that there’s a later version of DirectX included there from the beginning, at least that’s my theory!

And now, back to enjoying the new 2.3 version of Minimogue Luxus! :sunglasses:

That’s grand. And your theory sounds completely plausible to me!