Minimum Solution for running Dolby Atmos by Nuendo

Hi, I hope all are safe and healthy.
I want to setup a minimum system for running Doby Atmos in my studio with Nuendo 10.
I don’t need any digital audio console.
I know I should have a DAW with Audio interface and also Dolby Atmos Production/Mastering Suite and a monitor controller, but I don’t know which models are better.
Can anyone recommend the best solution?

Many Thanks

H Masoud

You may not need the Dolby Atmos Production suite ?

Giving you a complete rig recommendation is difficult as you haven’t provided any information.

what do you currently have - what is your budget ?

Dear Dr.Strangelove

Thanks for your replying.

I need the Dolby Atmos for Recording and mixing Music in Dolby Atmos.

I have a PC without any audio interface so I need an Audio interface too.

Is the Dolby Production suite enough or should I buy a Mastering Suite?

My budget is under 10.000$.

Thanks again

Are you doing home or theatrical mixing ?

With Nuendo 11 you can do object based routing in the box - so you may not need any additional products. If you want to just do atmos beds you don’t even need N11 - earlier versions can do that.

I’d recommend an RME audio card -plus whatever 7.1.4 monitoring you prefer.
Monitor controller - well there aren’t a huge amount to choose from but if you go RME then the ARC ($100!) will probably work, at least for volume.
if not:

Thanks for your quick replying.

I usually record the orchestra by 24 microphones with our D&R Octagon analog console and I want to be able to mix it in Nuendo project with Dolby Atmos format.

If I choose for example RME HDSP-e MADI , which monitor controller can I choose?

What is your opinion about using Dante virtual sound card? If you agree, which monitor Controller should I choose then?

Many Thanks

Im using the madi fx - and I recommend it.You will (might?) need external AD/DA.

What do you need the monitor controller to do?

Not used Dante but I think the madi fx has a tiny bit better latency especially compared to the virtual card

As Dr Strangelove said, with N11 you won’t need the Mastering Suite.
Have a look at the QSC Core 110f, you can use it as a USB interface, or connect with Dante or AES67. It is a very powerful unit for control room tuning, though it needs some programming. You can create your own user control interface that runs on ipad or android.

Thanks for your replying.
Do I need Production suite instead of Mastering Suite with using N11?

I need the monitor controller for tuning and controlling 7.1.4 speakers you know.

Thanks Dr.Strangelove
What do you do with RME MADI fx then? do you connect it to your console?
You don’t use any monitor controller, do you?

Dear StevenGhouti
Thanks for your guide.
Do you use it for tuning the speakers?
Can it handle 7.1.4 dolby atmos speakers?

no - I don’t know :slight_smile:
do you want:
bass management
switching between multiple speaker setups
speaker delays
mute / dim

I can’t answer those

yes but my needs probably aren’t the same as yours…

So you don’t use the Madi fx for using in Dolby Atmos mixing, do you?
I need the speaker controller for just tuning and calibrating speakers.


ok - in that case you need to look at the spec of the various controllers and decide which has the features you require…I don’t have enough (any!) detail of what you need ?

your talking in very broad strokes…

Could you tell me which equipment do you use for Dolby Atmos production exactly please?

Hi Masoud, in our theatrical Atmos studio it handles 44 speakers, of which 3 are biamped. So it’s more than enough to handle 7.1.4, and allows for tons of flexibility.
With N11 you don’t need any extra software to create and mix Dolby Atmos for Home Entertainment, so no production or Mastering Suite.

And if you go the QSC Qsys core route, as I said it works as a room dsp as well as a USB audio interface, so basically that’s all you need (and some time to program it nicely to suit your needs).

Dear Steven
Thanks for replying.
So you mean for Music recording and mixing I can use just a DAW with Nuendo 11 and QSC Core 110f without any extra equipment, is it right?

Yes, however for recording you might prefer different audio interfaces that offer microphone preamps and things like that.
But the Core 110 has 8 analog inputs that you can connect preamps to, or can take a Dante signal from a mic-preamp-to-Dante box (like the Focusrite range)

Hi Steven
Thanks for your last guide.
Could you tell me how you can connect 44 speakers to QSC?
if I buy Nuendo11 and a BSS BLU100+BOB2 (for controlling 12 speakers from my Motu 24I/O audio interface) is it a good configuration?
Could you please tell me which equipment do you use for Dolby Atmos ?

Thanks again