Minimum Spec Mac for Cubase

Hi there,
The question is in the title really but I was round a friends house at the weekend and he uses an imac for music production. I had a play around with it and I absolutly loved the whole experience. Although he doesn’t use Cubase he tells me Cubase runs well on macs.

Now, I’ve had a look aorund and soon descovered that macs are not cheap. I started looking at the G5 Powermacs and there’s some heafty specs im my price range such as dual core 2.7. I’ve since read that the old G5 Powermacs aren’t up to the job these days and I’ve to look at intel based systems. I don’t want to spend more than £400 and I’ve seen a few but most of them are imacs all in one things. Are these any good for music production? If I got one of these the first thing I would have to do is drop my ESI WaMi Rack 192L sound interface which I’ve loved for ever so far. I’d need to get some kind of firewire mixer or something. I only need a couple of inputs and phantom for my condenser.

Any advise would be appreciated. My current specs are :-

Windows 7 32 bit
3.06 intel dual core (not core duo)
4 gig memory (only using 3g’s for 32 bit)

Nothing special but it does the trick.



Ahh… that was helpful.

Was hoping for a more personal touch and not have to trawl through loads of posts to find an answer

Yeah sure everyone wants that so much more comfortable… You could just use the correct forum for your personal touch…

So you’re saying I don’t have Cubase 5 then?

How do you think these forums build up the huge databases of information. Well… I can tell you, people ask questions and people answer questions. Woooo… That was hard wasn’t it? Some people have the time to search through the answers where as some people would prefer a more direct approach and get answers that way.

Turns out though, after taking your advice and digging a little, after not searching too deep, you do this a lot and get complained about a lot. Everyone is correct, you are not a moderator. If you’ve not got anything useful to say, keep it shut.

Thanks for all your help though.

No, as far as I can see I’m not saying that… If you see that, feel free to tell me. But that’s not what determines which the appropriate forums would be anyway…
appropriate was what I meant to say in my previous post, instead of correct, so sorry for that.

And obviously I don’ t really care too much…

Just like you, I decide that myself…

Lol… Sorry I was a bit harsh there. Caught me on a bad hour but that’s no excuse to vent at you. You obviously know your stuff so I’m respecting you for that. Maybe this isn’t a Cubase 5 question and more appropriately a hardware question.

I’ve been pulling my hair out with this mac thing and spent all weekend searching for one that would run Cubase 5 as good as if not better than my Windows 7 Machine.

Nearly got stitched up on a powermac due to my lack of mac knowledge. Really don’t want to waste £400.

I’ll have a scout around.

Cheers again


Well, I’ m a bit harsh myself sometimes, so no problem
One reason for the hardware forum (apart from that it is rather a HW question) might be, there are people around, who seem to know a lot about hardware (Although more PC maybe), but usually don’ t post in other forums than the hardware forum.

Hi Gary - I use an iMac 27 and a MacBook pro for music production - the iMac is absolutely fine. I’ve just bought a Focusrite Saffire 14 after seeing it perform well on a friends system.

PS: just ignore the eejit - I had the same treatment. He can be a wee bit stalky. Helpful? Not so much.

Aw, petal, no terms and conditions to post?

You should learn to read - but even more important - understand entire sentences, instead of quoting completely out of context. Otherwise you will always have a hard time, understanding what the grown ups are really meaning…

I’ll cross that bridge when I’m actually dealing with grown ups.

You’re becoming more than a wee bit stalky now.