Minimum time after cd track marker (Wavelab) to be safe?...

Hi everyone!

I was wondering what is the minimum amount of time that we can put after a cd track marker to be shure that the first bits of audio will be played on every cd player.

On some cd players, when we skip to a song, the first milliseconds are not played back…

So to be safe, I usually let something like 150ms of silence between the marker and the start of the song.
Could I put less and still be safe?
If yes, how much would be recommended?


Personally, I have always used 100 ms, and never had any complaints about it… Also recommended for mp3 by the way.

Luck, Arjan

Check the CD Wizard will give a hint what is recommended

75 CD frames = 1 s = 1000 ms

regards S-EH

I had a problem once by putting 100ms, but it was with an old cd player (1990 or so…)

Do you mean that CD Wizard recommends 1000ms !?!

No I mean check the CD Wizard in the Montage / CD tab

“Adjust gaps between markers and sound (as CD frames)”

  • Silence after first track’s start marker - [32]

to get a hint of what is recommended for each track

regards S-EH

I wouldn’t go below 150 if the audio starts with a sharp hit… (measured from the ID to the actual audio start, not the file start)
I normally use 250 (a bit safe) but if it’s a fast paced album, maybe go down to 200 (15 frames)…maybe 150…
The first song on the CD to 32 frames which is about 426 ms so the disc spins to full speed.
I’ve had some problems on older car jukeboxes or stereos.
All this is not going to be a problem soon as digital only releases are starting to be more popular.