MiniSampler ignores sample rate on Android

The minisampler on Android has a serious problem. It does not convert sample rates. Since the sample rate cannot be updated on some Android devices, audio samples imported into cubasis can be converted but audio samples imported through the midisampler does not convert.

Hi abject39,

Thank you for your message.

Our engineering gave the issue a check, where things fully worked as expected (creating a recording in the MiniSampler, import samples with several sample/bit rates).

Please let us have a detailed step description, and provide us with sample file examples, which fail to import with the MiniSampler. You can upload these files via Dropbox or similar, and let me know the download link via private message.

Please include the full correspondence in each message.

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I re-tested and it seems the bug has gone away. Maybe an update did it. Thanks though.