Minor 2.2.10 oddity

First of all, thanks for the 2.2.10 update! Love the flexible naming options and flipping.

I did notice that when opening existing scores, it warns me that the project will be converted to 2.2.10. However, once that’s done, the converted project is not marked dirty, so I’m not prompted to save if I close it.

Obviously not a huge deal, but as I went through a bunch of existing projects checking for differences, it took me a while to realize that the upgraded projects were not saving unless I explicitly did so. I guess I had assumed that I would be prompted as I closed them!

This is how it always works. When you open a project in a later version, everything it does to the project to bring it up to date can be done again if you closed it without saving and then reopened it, so it doesn’t mark it as dirty, since it’s not an edit that needs to be saved.