Minor annoyance with pallet items shifting around

A search of the forum did not produce any results, so I am thinking this hasn’t been brought up before.

In Dorico, items in the pallets seem to move around.
For example, in the trill pallet, the ‘tr’ has been seen near the bottom, then it appeared near the top, and now today it is near the bottom again.

In playing techniques, I have created several ones that I need. Dorico will shift these around each time I start up. It isn’t too bad, as it takes me a second to find them. But the fact that they move around so frequently is a bit strange.

In the case of the ‘tr’, I looked to the bottom of the “Baroque and Classical” ornaments are, and it wasn’t near the bottom. After searching a while, I located the ‘tr’ in the top line. Not biggie. Come back to Dorico the next day, and now the ‘tr’ is on the bottom line. Playing techniques do the same thing, only far more sporadic. Going from the top line to the middle somewhere, to the bottom line.

Thought I’d bring this up.


Thanks for reporting this. I believe you’re not the first one to report it, but at the moment I don’t have any ideas what might cause the order to change.

Very good, then. Just wanted to bring this to light.

While we are at it, is there a way to prevent the pallets from opening with a subsection expanded? Meaning that in the playing techniques, when I open up the pallet, it defaults to ‘common’ being expanded. While this might be good for many people, I find myself doing mostly unpitched percussion techniques, and there is a lot of additional closing of subsections, and opening the one(s) I need most. It’s not vital, and by no means a deal breaker, but when times becomes available, could things like this be reviewed?


No, I’m afraid at the moment there’s no way to influence which sections will be open and which will be closed when you open a window. We may be able to extend the data that Dorico saves about its window state to include this in future.

I thought the moving items was a feature like it is in Sibelius. The items you use move to the top. Or are they moving to a random place?

I’ve noticed the some things move from top to bottom, almost like it moved ones I’ve used to the top. But when I open Dorico things seem to move back to their original spot (such as the trill). But in playing techniques, I have seen things bounce around randomly. Especially with techniques I created.


If one travels long distances on the plane I noticed they change the cabin temperature from time to time. My guess is that it is healthier to have changes than having things the same all the time…
So it is almost funny that Dorico has a similar approach here (-;