(minor) annoyances with c6

  1. Why there has to be the transport bar [F2] every time I load a project, even when I had it closed when saving it? I didn’t find option in preferences to turn this behaviour off, but maybe there is such an option. Please let me know if/where. Thanks a lot.

  2. When a track gets copied, its position in the mixer can be very different to the position in the project window. C4 never had this problem. C5 introduced it and I’m very surprised it’s still there in 6.0.5.

  3. this is not minor annoyance, quite a big one actually. External effects are mono or stereo. That’s ok, but when I want my HW used in double mono mode I have to go and create separate mono versions of the ext. eff and reroute the in/outputs. It should work like inputs do. I have one stereo external effect and on monotrack I could choose to use one side only ie /external effect 1 L/ /external effect 1 R/

  4. complementary problem lies in mono/stereo when you use groups/fxsends as an input for the track. You can’t record one side of stereo group to mono track for some unknown reason. This should work like it does with regular inputs.

    Saying all that, I’m long time user and I think it’s a good DAW. It’s not perfect, but I still prefer Cubase over everything else.

Am I alone? Or someone else would like to see these issues to be addressed?