Minor Ascendancy

In the '60s 85% of pop songs were written in a major key, now 60% are in a minor.

Interesting. I wonder if they took out Metal and Emo it would restore balance?

with stuff like rap/hiphop that is in one note instead of one key, how do they count that?

lol :laughing:

You don’t. They are not songs.


But how about songs with the verse in a minor key and the chorus in a major key? Or vice versa? In what category would they fit?
I have written a few songs like that.

Stop doing that! Just stop it, Wim! You’re screwing up the statistics, you bastard! :imp:

Yeah, they had to manually filter all your songs from their algorithm, you really shouldn’t write music like that :laughing:

When the Miles Davis album ‘B*tch’s Brew’ or
John Coltrane’s ‘Ascension’ was released I
wondered’ then who (and how) wrote the lead notation sheet
music that was submitted for
copyright and publication.

I remember thinking, ‘How do ya copyright music like that’?!


I’ve been told I’m the only guy that can make a major key sound like a minor key coz I’m a miserable sunovabitch. :open_mouth:


Hi Dave!

I mean … oh, my! I’m sorry to hear that. I thought I was that guy! :wink:

And then there is prog!* :laughing: :unamused:

*the long song on my album, with lyrics by the amazing Surfer and guitars by the equally amazing Swamptone, switches between major and minor several times, along with a couple of key signature and numerous time signature changes. But statistically, I admit this is something of an outlier, somewhere far beyond the 6 sigma point :slight_smile:


…NOT! :mrgreen:

Oh? OK, then! :smiley:

I think you hold the notation paper 1’ away from the inkjet and just spray this poopies out of the page. Grab page two, repeat.

If you didn’t change keys 4 times, through at least 3 modes each with non-eluded rhythm breaks and random melody shifts, it just isn’t a song.