Minor bug with fadein-fadeout markings

When I place a fade-in on an event, I see the diagonal line on the event going from the lower left corner to the little triangle at the top. I also see a vertical line dropping down from the little triangle. That line moves when I adjust the fade-in. That’s very handy.

There’s no such vertical line on a fade-out. I wish there were. It would be very handy in exactly the same way as it is on the fade-in.

I’m calling the lack of that vertical line on the fade-out a bug because it does exist on the fade-in.

As I play with it, I notice that the problem is that the vertical line becomes invisible when the event is colored with certain colors, particularly in the orange-red. When the event has other colors, the line is visible. This is on the fade-out only; the fade-in is visible regardless of color.

OK, more playing. What matters is visibility against black. You can’t adjust a fade-out with the cursor without selecting the event, so the background is always black when you try to adjust it. You can see the vertical drop line on the fade-in even when the event is black. You can’t see it on the fade-out when the event is black.