Minor feature request concerning some popover commands

Hi team!

I’d like to respectfully request the following changes/additions to the syntax of barline popovers:

“b” for simple barline
“d” for double barline
“f” for final barline

and then, more importantly:

“s” for start repeat
“e” for end repeat
“es” for end/start repeat

This would really mean the world for my workflow!
Thanks for considering, all the best


What is wrong with the current syntax for these? (Just remember that repeats are on the repeats popover, where they should be!)

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I’d totally support this but with some tweaks:

S for short (or H for Half?)
T for tick
D for dashed/dotted

SR for start repeat
ER for end repeat

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I find them too cumbersome on a German keyboard, just involves too many keystrokes in general and uses of the AltGr key…
Plus, putting in various barlines is one of the most common tasks in my workflow, this needs to be as quick as possible.


“h” for half is better… ;-), we could keep the simple “s” for start repeat!


I was afraid I was forgetting something obvious (the program is so complicated now that I’ve practically forgotten as much as I remember) so I wanted to double check the available options for the popover.

@Lillie_Harris I navigated here:

And found myself very frustrated that the page about inputting things into the barlines popover did not actually tell you WHAT can be put into the popover, and it wasn’t clear which of the links I should click on to find out.

The answer is here (and the title does not make it obvious this is where to look):

Lillie, could we please have the optional commands duplicated on the page that is about inputting commands into the popover?

Or at the bare minimum, might you please add a line at the bottom that’s says something to the effect of, “for a list of commands that can be entered into the bars and barlines popover, please click here.”


I’ll certainly consider something that might tie the two more clearly together and could also apply to all other tasks involving popovers.

I do try to make sure that the link to the corresponding popover is the first link at the bottom, and this structure (steps on one page, full tables of popover entries on another) is consistent across all the popovers. There are some popovers or notations used by them that only have 1-2 possible entries anyway, but it wouldn’t be practical to have the table of entries in the task for most popovers due to the sheer number of rows; it would disrupt the flow of steps too much.

It’s certainly of use for me to know that you didn’t feel that the topic titled “Bars and barlines popover” was the right place to go to find out what entries the bars and barlines popover accepts. That’s the model I’ve been using thus far (“X popover” = popover entries and information about X popover) but I’ll keep your feedback in mind in that respect as well.


I think there is merit in the suggestion to come up with some additional popover entries for barlines. It’ll have to be done carefully because you can already do quite a bit in that popover, but I will add it to my list of things to think about when I have an idle moment. (I don’t have a lot of those right at the moment, but hopefully before too long…)