[minor FR] a cursor in the overview

I’d like to have a little cursor in the overview window.
Anybody else? :slight_smile:

What is the overview window :confused:

I like this idea. I do find myself referencing from the overview window frequently. I guess it would be nice to know where the cursor is. Although I can’t think of a situation where I would not know where it is and then want to play from that location. BUT, I could think of a bunch of situations where I would like to be able to somehow roughly position the cursor and play from there without moving my project view.

I never use the overview window… :confused: Couldn’t ever see any real use for it.

It does have its uses.

that’s sums it up. it’s not essential but lately I’ve used it a little more than before.
If you poke around with details and you are zoomed in to some area and you don’t want to zoom out again just to move to the next area and zoom in again to the same level on that area the overview is a nice feature.

For those who haven’t checked it out its a neighbor to the info line in the project window and about the same size. It’s a graphical overview where you see a miniature of your project. You can draw a rectangle with the mouse and the big project window zooms to show what’s in that rectangle. You can resize the rectangle. You can move the rectangle to show different parts of the project, sort of like a visual fast forward/rewind >>/<< kind of thing. It’s not bad at all! Just draw a rectangle e.g around the end of the bridge of your song and release the mouse button and your zoomed in to just show that.

However … lets say you are zoomed on very close to some area towards the end of a song. Maybe it’s a new song and just a skeleton and there is nothing to tell you if the cursor is at vers 1, vers 2, vers 3 or vers 4 (apart from the bars and beats display, off course, but it’s not that obvious how long you are about to wait until the playback reach your view). If you had the cursor in the overview it would show you if you could just wait for 2 bars or if you maybe should move the cursor .

A little cursor that moved along in the overview window would be a nice thing. Come to think about it a double click or a [ctrl]-click to move the cursor via the overview to where you want it to be would be even better. :slight_smile:

The overview in the editor is very useful for locating sections of audio. The mouse arrow will turn into a pencil and then you can draw in the audio you want to view. The only thing I have found is that once you selection the section of audio you want to view, you still have to manually click on the editor window so that you move the cursor and locators.