Minor GUI issue with Izotope Tonal Balance Control 2

Just reporting this minor glitch as it seems to demonstrate a difference in the way Wavelab handles GUIs compared to other Steinberg products.

I have an instance of Izotope Tonal Balance Control 2 as an insert in the Master Section.

It’s a very simple graph of amplitude/frequency.

When Wavelab loads and the plugin GUI initialises the frequency scale (Hz) at the bottom of the plugin doesn’t appear. If you resize the plugin window then the window redraws and the frequency scale appears just fine.

This doesn’t happen in any other VST3 host that I’ve tried (including nuendo/cubase). Seems to imply that WL is doing something different when it initialises the GUI compared to other hosts ?


I am not experiencing what you describe, Tonal Balance Control 2 always opens correctly.
W11, Win11, VST3.

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thanks, very interesting - do you leave the GUI open when closing WL ?

It doesn’t happen when I load a fresh instance - only when I open WL with the GUI already open (if that makes sense?)

I don’t leave it open like that, but I just checked. It works correctly for me on Win10, WL 11.1, and VST3.

I would suggest writing to iZotope and asking them to officially support WaveLab Pro with their projects:

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well I could go down that route :slight_smile: , not sure that Izotope actually care

It’s odd that it works fine in cubase/nuendo ?

FWIW I’m using 3 monitors and the same thing happens which ever monitor I use it on - same in WL10 too

file under “inexplicable”

I’m sure no-one cares :slight_smile: but I’ll update this in the unlikely event somebody does a search for it in the future. Problem seems to be resolved in the latest TBC v2.7.0