Minor Issue but annoying_2 Lanes of Text Naming_Mixer

Cubase 10.5.1 Pro Update…Windows 10

Was back in 10.5, now gone in 10.5.1. Really need 2 lanes of text in the mixer. Maybe it’s an option now ? Somewhere ?


It works to me here in Cubase 10.5.10.

Same here ( and also on my friends Cubase PC)…what could be different on Martin’s PC?
Maybe it has to do with a Windows update? I am on the latest update of W10


The difference is, I’m on Mac.

Okay, but that means there could be an issue with the last Cubase update I guess because I see there are more comments about this problem.

It’s definitely the 10.5.10 update on Windows that has broke it again. I uninstalled the update for this very reason and went back to 10.5.

It’s annoying because I really want the generic remote fixes from 10.5.10 but if I get those I lose the long track names wrap 2 two lines in the mixer fix from 10.5. It’s too much to ask for both I guess.


confirmed and reported.

Thank you.

Thanks Fabio :smiley: