Minor issue in Montage region rendering...

When trying to render a single region from the Montage, I had a hard time selecting the correct one because the names were truncated in such a way that it was hard to tell which I was selecting. See attached screenshot…

WL9 Render Region.png

I would agree although lucky for me, the region names are always the song name so the name is clearly visible, or at least most of it so it’s usually not an issue. I see that if you start all your file names with the date then it’s hard to tell what each one is. I also rarely render one region at a time and use the “All Regions” option most of the time.

I would say that having more characters of the region name visible would be more valuable than having the seconds and milliseconds as it is now. Especially when you are rendering things that are already well defined such as CD tracks, the seconds/milliseconds being shown in this menu are not that helpful.

Yes, I will find a solution for this, for 9.0.20

Great, thanks!