Minor matters: Wearing out the F2 key

The preferences and options in Cubase are very rich, allowing a great deal of control. With that in mind, I’m wondering why the floating transport window is forced upon us on startup with no option to disable that default.

I know that it contains valuable information. I also know how to use the F2 key. In fact, I fear my poor little function key may well give up the ghost before its peers because that’s the first thing I do every time I start - bang on it to get rid of a floating window that’s almost always in the way.

There are many people who doubtless prefer it to be always visible, and that’s groovy. But why is Cubase hardwired to force it on the rest of us?

As the subject says, a very minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. Even moreso because my OCD little brain can’t come up with a logical reason for it being hardwired in the first place.

The idea is that you will create a template to work from. Your template will remember the size, position, and visibility of all windows, transport included. All of my templates load with the transport hidden.

Snap.! Just what I was about to post… :slight_smile:

Also, remember to perform your ‘final’ save of a project, in the state you wish it to re-load - i.e. if you currently have the Transport Panel open, then you should hide/close it before saving/exiting. Upon re-launch, there will be no TP Panel visible.

Same goes for the main ‘Default’ of the app (no project open at launch) - close out of all open projects, turn off/hide the TP panel, and then exit Cubase. Upon re-launch, with no project, that TP panel should be in the hidden state.

You guys are awesome.

My F2 key thanks you! :slight_smile: