Minor request: option to show trill/ornament note as small notehead in parentheses, rather than accidental

This is particularly useful involving situations where the trill is to a microtonal interval, to the same note (colour/enharmonic trills), or for double trills in keyboard music.

Can be faked at the moment—I use a grace note sized notehead, which seems to be standard, and add parentheses as text objects—but would be nice to have as a default option. The potential functionality seems to be there as it’s already possible to set the interval above/below in properties.

This is a common request, and I agree that it would be a great option to have. Hopefully this is coming when the trill feature is expanded.

The interval property doesn’t work as it should at the moment (all it does is show a flat, natural or sharp accidental) but this will all become a lot clearer once we have had a chance to work more fully on trills.