Minor scrolling issue in Dorico 4.0.10 (Apple Silicon M1) - odd jumping behavior

I’ve noticed a small weird behavior in Dorico 4.0.10 when scrolling. It can occur in any menu with large portions to scroll (such as Layout Options, Engraving Options, etc.) or in a score.

Sometimes when I scroll, there is a weird jumping action that occurs. Almost as if I am scrolling too fast, and Dorico then jumps to an early spot in the scroll. An example might be a full score, double instruments, as I scroll quickly from the piccolo staff to the horn staff, Dorico might jump back to the bassoon 1 staff, after the horn staff is visible on the screen.

This weird jump behavior is not consistent, and seems to happen at random times. I could not find a thread reporting this, so I thought I would mention it.