Minor slur input bug

When using the repeat function (the R key) on notes, the repeated section starts at the next note position. When using the repeat on a selected slur, it starts on the same note as the end of the selected slur.

Alt-clicking the new slur into the right place works, of course, but it would be that little bit easier to just be able to hit R several times when the situation warrants it.

Thanks for pointing this out. The reason it doesn’t “just work” is because of the way the slur duration is specified: the slur ends at the start of the note to which its right-hand end attaches, rather than at its end, so it would need some special-case handling in the repeat code to work as you would expect. One day…

Thanks, Daniel.

Just wanted to add that the same applies to chord symbols.

Notice that the last chord gets overwritten.