Minuet Trio structure with repeated subsections

How can I set up a Minuet to conclude with a final barline (or an end repeat) and a Trio section to start with an opening Repeat barline (because subsections of that Trio are repeated)?

As soon as I add the initial Trio opening repeat, the Minuet section loses its final barline. If I treat the Trio as a separate flow, then the Da Capo playback fails.

Any ideas?

You can’t at present have both a final barline and a start repeat barline at the same position, I’m afraid. Sorry!

You can visually produce the same result by:

  • adding an extra beat before the start of the trio (’+1q’ in the barline popover)
  • create a new meter on the real first beat of the trio
  • remove rests in the extra bar via the edit menu
  • renumber the first bar of the trio and hiding both the bar number change and the meter
  • add both the final barline and the start repeat barline in their proper place
  • drag the start repeat barline to the left in the engrave mode note spacing tool (repeated alt+shift+left arrow)

Or you could make a playing technique that is a final barline, and move it into place in Engrave.

Thanks to all. But I think I will give myself some time getting to grips with the basics before trying these esoteric possibilities!

That said, Daniel, I am surprised that the usage of a final barline is so restricted. After all, so many popular song structures have this classic minuet-trio-coda format with repeating phrases.

(Here’s a mad suggestion. Perhaps bars/flows could be tagged in a wiring diagram to create a playback route map?)

It’s not that the use of a final barline is specifically restricted, but rather that the barline at the end of one system and at the start of the following system is the same barline, and so allowing Dorico to display two different barlines for that single position requires special work.