Miroslav Philharmonic 1 playback template and expression maps


I made a playback template for solo and ensemble woodwinds, brass, strings and some percussion for Miroslav Philharmonic 1 using basic playing techniques loaded per instrument into MP1 instances and switched by MIDI channel.

MP1_Dorico_Template.zip (164.7 KB)

Let me know if someone want to use it or creates an improved version. It can also be linked to the Dorico Expression map website if wanted.

I used MP1 since some of the MP2 instruments are even less consistent. Let me know if somebody attempts an expression map for these.



here is an update for the playback template for Miroslav Philharmonik 1. I improved some small issues.

Since I noted that the endpoint configurations are just stored locally I added Dorico files for woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion groups and exported libraries as well. Not sure what
is needed to reproduce all VST settings on another computer.

I would be interested if anybody tries to use this so I can check whether all settings like sounds loaded into the VST and other settings like effects are reproduced.

@Daniel: please replace the link on the website for expression maps.
Miroslav1_Expression_withTemplates.zip (3.6 MB)
Miroslav1_LibraryTemplates.zip (456.1 KB)

… and now I also had an attempt at using the sounds from the MP2 library.

MP2_PlaybackTemplate.zip (120.5 KB)

The library is less consistent, sounds are all centered and with less reverb. I had to select sounds since one cannot seemingly stack sounds according to dynamics in MP as in Kontakt.

Anyone using this can always replace the sounds and make a new template.

Thanks for posting this. I’ll give this a try in a few days. I have Miroslav 1 - I think - I need to check which version, it sits within the horrible Sample Tank.

If so I’ll see how it works. Currently using NP for Dorico but the strings and brass in Miro are definitely better.

… I used the player included in MP2, which however is said to work similar to the Sample Tank one.
I found working with the MP2 plugin more simple since MP1 and MP2 sounds are listed separately, while
in Sample Tank this information was not visible to me.

By the way, I checked on another computer that simply loading the playback template works including
all sounds within the MP plugin and expression maps.


here are updated playback templates for MP1 and MP2.

MirsolavPhilharmonik_PlaybackTemplates_V2.zip (367.6 KB)

I corrected some errors, increased playback level and panned MP2 sounds as in MP1.
I find that with Melda MCharm reverb (instead of default) and optionally a bit of Maximizer
particularly the MP1 library sounds well regarding its age. Both use ~14 GB, so need enough RAM.


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