Miroslav Philharmonik 2 articulation bugs

Hi there,

I have manually created a small expression map for a few string instruments from Miroslav Philharmonik 2 - just essentials (staccato, pizzicato, legato, etc) with triggering key switches, but they won’t follow the order of articulations from the score. For instance, if a violin is supposed to play the first bar staccato and the next bar legato, it plays both bars staccato. If there is one articulation throughout the flow, it works fine, regardless of the type. But when it comes to a sequence, Dorico fails to switch the required keys. There are no specific ‘stubborn’ articulations - any sequence of any articulations for strings (legato->detache, spiccato->pizzicato, etc) fails to play back the way it should.
Is it because of some current incompatibility between Dorico and Miroslav, or have I not done enough tweaking to make it work smoothly?

Thank you for your comments in advance. I am attaching a link to this tiny expression map.

Dorico Pro 3.5.11, Windows 10-64 bit

Ick! Ick! XML! :slight_smile: I might have just not seen it in the maze, but I didn’t see a Natural PT in there? In other words, you haven’t told it what to do when its not staccato, so it doesn’t know what it is supposed to switch back to? Not saying that is the only issue that might be there, but it would be one issue.

gdball, thank you for your prompt response! Although I did not assign any ‘natural articulation’ key switches, there were NO notes with unassigned articulations in all of my examples. Please take a look at the screenshot attached - I have captured the moment when there supposed to be tremolo on g1 (bar 4) after legato eighths notes (bar 3), and yet Dorico makes Miroslav switch ‘spiccato’.

IIRC every Expression Map must have a Nat technique in it. In some Maps it is assigned to the legato Playback Technique.

(also, don’t forget mutual exclusion groups…)

Thank you, Derrek, fratveno, gdball! Once I have added a ‘natural articulation’ switch to the expression map and assigned it to every bar which had issues with proper articulation, everything started to function properly!
However, it is so time-consuming to attach this switch to almost every bar and counter-intuitive in most of the instances…In real life, when scoring for humans, we only need to indicate ‘archo’ after ‘pizzicato’ to avoid confusion in choosing the right articulation. Why would Dorico need additional command (‘nat.’) to play tremolo after spiccato when tremolo and spiccato are assigned to different key-switches, which in turn have just one audio sample per switch???

Natural must be in your expression map (it MUST be present, but not necessarily “configured”…), and Natural and all the other techniques (arco, pizzicato, spiccato…) must be added to a Mutual Exclusion Group… (deselect Auto… and double check manually)

fratveno, thank you so much! I did as you indicated, and now every articulation switches on and off perfectly, and I don’t bother to assign ‘natural’ to numerous notes.