Miroslav Philharmonik and 64-bit Cubase 5

Getting Cubase Studio 5 64-bit to recognize Miroslav Philharmonik as a VST instrument is simple (it turns out) using jBridge, as follows. If you have jBridge properly installed, you already have a folder set up entitled something like “Bridging Files for jBridge.” During installation of Miroslav Philharmonik, you will be asked what folder you want your VST Plug-ins folder to be. It will prompt you to accept Cubase’s VST Plug-ins folder as the default. Do not OK that. Instead, click “Browse” and select your “Bridging Files for jBridge” folder. Complete the Miroslav installation. Re-boot the computer. When you re-open the “Bridging” folder, you will find the Miroslav “DLL” folder as well as an “ini” file. When you open Cubase and open the VST instruments window and click on an empty slot, you will be pleased, I trust, to find “Philharmonik” there. It’s an incredible software to have within Cubase 64-bit. Works flawlessly with Cubase Studio 5 64-bit. Best, Nile