Misaligned ties between quarter notes and tuplets


I was cleaning up a project I’ve been working on which has some fairly complex tuplet rhythms in it. I came across one rhythm in particular that seems to have tripped up Dorico?

(Measure 19 was on the next page, so I edited it together with paint dot net)

Not entirely sure what’s going on, but without manual adjustments, Dorico’s almost making it look like the tie is connected to the F and not the G. When I split the quarter note into two eighths like the bottom half of the picture, Dorico fixed the tie’s alignment.

Let me know if uploading my project file would help squash this bug! Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

This isn’t a bug, inasmuch as it’s not in general possible for Dorico to be able to produce 100% unambiguous results in every musical situation. In this case the desire to keep the tie within the space so that it doesn’t cause a wedge with the staff line above coupled with needing to be offset from the “front-note” in the dyad from which it proceeds means that it’s certainly not optimal.

Understood! Apologies if I came across as unfairly asking for unattainable standards. That’s why Dorico has Engrave Mode after all, eh? :slight_smile: Oh by the way, since I’m new here, I thought I’d also offer up a huge “thank you” to you and the Dorico team for creating such an amazing piece of software; Dorico’s been amazing for me throughout college!

Why is there a clef reinstatement between mm 18 and 19?

It’s a system break. See the first line following the images in the original post.

OK. I looked at the png posted and it’s unclear to me that there is a system break. But that contention makes sense.