Misbehaviour with Komplete Kontrol and Halion


when pressing play on the Komplete Kontrol S61MK2, the “Joystick” of Halion (Sonic and SE too) jumps to the upper middle position.
The channel monitoring is active
Controlling the MID data with MIDI-Monitor gives me this data:

When pressing play via spacebar or transportpanel the joystick stays in the center position.

I’ve tried this with Logic and the Joystick stays in the center positiion and no MIDI data like with Cubase is generated.

Any help?

Post this in the VSTi forum. There’s a few guys that can help there. Look for Nico maybe.

Those are MIDI CC Messages 17 and 19 (General Purpose Controller 2 and 4 respectively). The vertical parameter of Halion’s Sphere Control is by default assigned to General Purpose Controller 2.


I don’t use a Komplete Kontrol keyboard, but you might want to check in the MIDI Assignment Editor that you haven’t by accident set the Play button to send CC 17 (unlikely if the message doesn’t show up in Logic). By default this seems to be sent by Knob 4.

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yes, that’s why I’m confused and I think it’s a property or bug (maybe a bug) in Cubase. But disabling the CC works, thanks :wink:

Maybe check to ensure the Komplete Kontrol DAW port is excluded from the All Midi Inputs:

The Komplete Kontrol DAW port is intended to be used in a Cubase Remote Device (the assignments shown are what I have set up):

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Ups, maybe this is a good idea! I’ll check it this evening.

Unchecking the Port works. Thanks!
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