Misplaced time signature

Does anyone know what causes the time signature to
be misplaced like this, and what one needs to do to correct it? Thanks!

Can you attach the project itself, or at least a cut-down chunk of it sufficient to reproduce the problem? Unfortunately it’s typically not possible to diagnose peculiar problems from a picture.

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The only way I have found so far that a time sig can get displaced like that is by changing its X offset digitally in Engrave mode. (Time sigs don’t respond to shortcut keys to move.) Select it and see whether it has an offset, and if so, turn that off.

Overture.dorico (1.2 MB)
Hi Daniel, here’s the relevant section. Thanks for your help. Guy

Ah, it’s not a manual offset – It’s because of the staff-specific key change in the Clarinets in combination with condensing.

so how should that be fixed?

If they do have to change key independently, I don’t think this can be done with condensing.
See this thread from 3 years ago.

Thanks for attaching the example, Guy. I’m afraid at the moment there’s no good solution for this: we have a couple of tasks outstanding on our backlog for condensing relating to local key and time signatures, and this is indeed a symptom of the independent key signatures in the two clarinet parts. The best thing you can do for now is select the time signature and set the X offset in the Common group of Properties to -4 1/4, which should put the time signature in the right kind of place, but which won’t allow you to show the clarinet’s key signature change in the score at that point, I’m afraid.