misprinting some chord symbols

I am trying to print a lead sheet which appears fine in score editor, but the symbols “MA7” and “m” and “m7” come out of my Lexmark printer as odd characters (such as a filled-in diamond and a large circle). I am using the “Legacy” font setting,wondering if that would be a factor, or if there are any other parameters I need to adjust.

I’m not sure how much help I can be (are you on PC or Mac? I’m on Mac here, so maybe it is a problem on your PC) Anyways…
Verify that the font that is being used for Chord Symbols, in Score Settings>Project>Notation Fonts>Chord Symbols Font is indeed “Steinberg Chords Symbols” and that that font is indeed present on your machine (normally it is installed with the rest of the Cubase Installation, maybe you have installed some other font which is causing a conflict?)

… that that font is indeed present on your machine …
The setting is as you said (Steinberg Chord Symbols); I think I also tried SCS Jazz; I’m not sure how to verify the second part of your advice, i. e., that that font is actually on my machine. Thanks very much.

[quote=“vic_france”]I’m not sure how much help I can be (are you on PC or Mac?
I’m on a PC (Dell Inspiron 1521 – BTW, do you know how I get my equipment list to be displayed along with my posts? thanks again

You have to log in to your “My Steinberg” page… https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=mysteinberg&L=1, then, on the next page, on the left… Support>Forum, then fill in the desired fields.

As Vic and you need to fill in the “signature” part and then your equipment list will appear under your posts.

Thanks to you and Vic for that – but now back to our program, if you please. My local Guitar Center “Cubase expert” is (admittedly) clueless about anything re: score printout. Neither has he been able to help me with the problem of “sticking” midi notes (have to hit Reset on the MIDI menu, but the problem reoccurs immediately). The forum seems to have nothing on the subject – unless I’m using the wrong keywords to search.