Miss makin' music with my buddies.

Aloha guys,

Just venting here. :slight_smile:

I (used to) work solo or with a trio (guitar, sax and percussion) and we use Cubase
on stage for backing tracks.

Never thought this virus thang would go on this long (and maybe a lot longer)
and I really miss the ‘buzz’ you get when playing music with other human beings.

Either professionally on a gig or just in someones basement or garage etc,
this is part of who I am. I like to get together with others and make music!!

This virus is a bummer and I hate it.

Just blown’ off steam.

Aloha guys and good luck. Stay safe.

Yes, me too, in fact the guys in the band wanted to play, but I wasn’t willing. I don’t know which is going to kill me first, the virus, or not playing!

I miss having people to make music with in the first place. Those rare moments never lasted.

Same here! Hang in there, bud!