Missiing files in the POOL

I had a vocaltrack and copied the best takes into a new track.
Unfortunately I deleted several takes in the original track, so these takes disapeared in the pool. :cry:
The audiotakes I have on the new track is what I want and are ok, but I would like to test it in Variadio, but now I can´t because these events/takes is lost. Is there any possibility that I can restore the audiofile back to the pool so I can use it? :question:

Have Elements 8, but I´m now testing 8,5 Pro trial

Depending on how you have it set up, audio files deleted from a track in project view (or if you delete an audio track from the project view) will automatically move the file to the project pool trash folder. But, Cubase will not automatically delete audio files from the pool trash until you choose to. So my guess is that you can find the audio files by looking in the pool trash folder. If you do find the files in the trash folder then it is a simple matter of just dragging them back into the audio folder and they will available for your project.

Hopefully you didn’t manually delete the files from the trash folder because, if you did, they are gone forever. :cry:

Regards :sunglasses: