Missing 1/16 note value in quantization list

Hi, I am testing Cubase Pro 13 (PC demo version).

For me, it seems very stable, the only bug I have at the moment is the absence of the 1/16 quantization value (grid)…

Do you have this problem? Or it’s a limitation of the demo

Does the problem exist, if you open quantize panel or is it just the dropdown menu?

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Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

The trial version is the same as the regular one : the only difference is that its usage is limited in time.

So, I suspect that something got corrupted in your preferences, as there is no logical reason why the 1/16 value could be missing. Can you try to relaunch Cubase, using the safe mode with the Disable Program Preferences option ?

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OK thank you for your response. I tested in safe mode, it doesn’t change anything.
still have the same problem in the drop down menu.

I have this, on my end :

So, if the preferences are Ok, I’m afraid that I can’t help more, sorry:neutral_face:

EDIT - Wait… Could you try to delete the 1/16 Sw-42 Region Q -13 N-10 value that is listed at the bottom of the Quantize values list? I’m wondering to which point the 1/16 value is more or less preempted by this one… :thinking:

EDIT 2 : OK. Renaming a 1/16 based preset as yours and then removing the ‘official’ 1/16 one, leads to the kind of screenshot that you posted precedently.

So, as an ultimate solution, I would use the Restore factory presets option…

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I initialized the default presets and everything is back to normal :slight_smile:
Definitely an error on my part, I must have erased the 1/16 by mistake.
I wouldn’t have found it without your help, thank you!

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