Missing Activation Code

I have just purchased Cubase Pro 10 update, was charged and provided with download link, but haven’t received activation code.
I have just received invoice from Asknet, but that also doesn’t include activation code.
Logged onto “my steinberg” portal and nothing there either…
Please HELP

Are you using gmail or another web-based email system? These sometimes mark these messages as spam and put them in the online spam/junk folder. This is not the same as the spam/junk folder on your computer.

If you can’t find the message in there try changing to a different email address and asking for it to be re-sent.

I’m using gmail, but as I’ve mentioned I’ve successfully received invoice from steinberg that doesn’t include activation code.
Now I have 21.5 GB installation file sitting on my Mac and I cannot use it :frowning:

Quick update: all sorted, asknet sent activation code :slight_smile: