Missing ALL my VST under Cubase 6

Hello Friends,

I just upgraded from Cubase 5.5 toi Cubase 6. And EVERYTHING has gone ? All my templates, settings and all my VST plugings also. When I want to add an instrument I only see Cubase 6 own instruemnts ( Halion ). I dont use them as I use Native Instruments Komplete 6 and IK multimedia T Racks Deluxe 3 and then some frree Vst Synths.

So how do I get all back ? . Is an update not suppose to keep what I had already ?




C6 is not strictly an update. It’s a full version install. Did you uninstall 5 before you installed 6??

If not I’m not sure why it didn’t pull over your preferences but don’t panic nothing has GONE…it’s just that C6 needs to be told where to look. If you open the plug-in manager & add a vst plugin folder that points to where your plugs & instruments are installed that will correct that.

Not sure about templates & settings…sure someone else can advise.

Thanks Grim,

I have had all sort of problems with the new Cuabse 6 unfortantly. I will stick with Cubase 5.5 for now. That works without any problems.

C6 has crashed 10 times. And alot of times when you stop the use of it it does not close down ? .

Hmmmm. Will try a fresh start tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yeps it worked with the directing of the VST folder. THanks