Missing and Stuck notes via Network Midi

Dear Cubasis team,

the addition of Audiobus and my fond memories of past recordings with Cubase finally drove me to give Cubasis a try. However, I have a massive bug here that makes the program basically useless for me.

Here is my setup: I have a Korg Kronos connected to my Macbook Pro via USB and the MBP connected to an iPad 4 via a CoreMidi network session. Now whenever I try to play notes into Cubasis using the Kronos, some notes are stuck and others aren’t transmitted at all, up to a quarter of my notes are messed up, so it is impossible to record ANYTHING. The problem is exclusive to Cubasis, I can flawlessly record/play on GarageBand and the iMS-20 with the same setup.

Any Ideas?

Btw: I don’t have a Camera Connection Kit for additional tests. Since I prefer to not have additional cables running around my keys I’d like to stay wireless.


You might find something like i-rig mid works better than network midi. I have it, and I find it works better. I had some problems with stuck notes using other apps over the network.


yes. But nevertheless, Network MIDI should work. We will investigate the problems and see whether we are able to reproduce them.

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Any updates on the situation?


More than 20 days have now gone by with me being unable to use the Program due to a bug and without any confirmation of whether this issue can be reproduced by the developers or any update on the situation.

I have to admit I’m somewhat disappointed by the way this is being handled. I mean this is not some silly 2.99 piece of software and the bug is not a minor annoyance but makes the program unusable in my setup, so at least some update into when (or if) I can expect a fix would be nice.


Hello Christian,

I am sorry for the delay. This thread somewhat slipped out of our attention.

We can reproduce these issues (missing notes as well as high latency) with Cubasis. I am sorry, I cannot provide you with a date when you can expect a fix at the moment.

As the previous poster wrote: The workaround, which also promises higher reliability and lower latency, would be using a cable and a MIDI interface.

Kind regards,