Missing Audio after Instrument Change occurring on change of flow

I have arranged a piece which has five flows and five instruments( Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Soprano Sax/Alto sax, bass Clarinet and Bassoon - ala Calefax) . The saxes are set up as a single player with two staves in galley view ( Soprano Sax and Alto Sax) but a single stave in Page view and ‘allow instrument changes’ activated. The Sax part has the correct sax part listed at the start of each flow and for the instrument list in the score.
If I play the piece (note performer) which has the Alto sax as the sax in the first flow, all instruments play but moving on to the second flow which has the soprano sax as the instrument the sax part is missing. Moving on to the third and subsequent flows which have the alto Sax as the sax part, the sound returns.
If I just pick the second flow and play that, the soprano sax is there, but, moving on to the third flow which uses the alto sax, the part is again missing.
It would appear that instrument changes occurring at a flow boundary are not working or, more than likely, I have missed a crucial setting.

What is important to tell is which library you’re using. If it’s HSO+HSSE (budled with Dorico pro), you must use the playback template once all instruments have been added. Note that if you change anything in the settings, you override Dorico’s ability to make choices for you. So if you’ve been trying to improve some sounds before every instruments were created, Dorico no longer loads new instruments.
Either start from scratch re-loading the playback template, or add the new instrument yourself.
With NotePerformer, you can’t add it yourself, so reloading the playback template is the only option. Some instruments may be missing in NotePerformer, then you will be able to add either HSSE+ HSO or any other library you own.

Thanks for your reply Marc. I am doubtful that it is a library mix up as I only have NotePerformer loaded on Dorico 4 and am using it without any form of modification. I don’t think it is a case of a missing instrument otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play starting from flow 2 and get the soprano sax sound from there. I’ll give your suggestion to reload the playback template a try as I have had success in the past doing that when I have encountered strange audio behaviour.

Yep. Reloading the playback template solved it.

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