missing audio files after 'save as'

I use the save as command after having loaded my audio files from zoom r16 in card reader mode.
When I come to reload them at a leter session just the ‘shell’ is there ie: renamed tracks etc but no actual audio.
Menu shows missing file location as ‘E’ drive, the zoom recorder.
Are not all the files associated with a project saved together and therefore should be available on reloading from the new directory folder and not be looking for the zoom?


Could you describe (step by step), how do you import the files and save the project, please?

“Save as” does not save the audio files, but only the project file itself. IIRC this Should be documented in the manual.

Save as here does save the audio files. I think Mr. Jirsak’s suggestion is the way to start figuring this out.

No, Save as is not like Backup, it doesn’t move files, it just keeps the Project folder path. So if that path is not available, you get what the OP is reporting.

He worked on his project with the Zoom device plugged in,

  • saved the project file to his HD,
  • unplugged the Zoom
  • opened the project.

You can verify this by saving the project file to different directory. Have the audio files been moved? What is the path in the Pool to the files?


Yes, Save as here does save the audio files. I’m not moving directories, everything is staying put so that is probably the difference.

This is simply incorrect. “Save as” does nothing with audio files at all, as has been said a couple times in this thread.

Must be a language thing for some reason, I’m apparently not understanding the issue. I know what it’s doing on my system as I wrote above. Sorry for any confusion.