Missing audio files in project


The guitarist in our band has downloaded a couple of projects in VST Transit and shared them with me, one works perfect but the two others are missing Audio, the tracks are there but no audio in them, he’s re synced them but still the same, Any ideas


my transit username is “spork”. Can you request a friendship and invite me? I’ll have a look what’s wrong.

Thank you,

Hi Michael
Sorry not used it for a while but going to start again is the offer of help still there?

… sure. Is your friendship request on its way?

See you

HI Michael, there are various Transit user names which is yours?

he said “my transit username is “spork””

Cheers, but that was in july and when you put that in transit find user there’s a couple similar but no “Spork”

… please search for “mspork”


Cheers Micheal, I’ve friended you on transit, i dont own the project so do i have to get our guitarist to share it with you?

yes, only the project owner can add a member, so he needs to make friends with Micha and invite him.
Or, you can create your own project if you can reproduce your problems that way.

Hi Micheal
Johns invited you into the project, anything you can do to help would be appreciated

… hm. A project was added and then deleted. Was that your project? Maybe I was too slow. Sorry, I was very busy with the release of VST Connect 5. Maybe it is faster if you contact me directly? m.spork (at) steinberg.de

Have a nice day,