Missing audio information ,crash, renamed files

After a system breakdown I had to reinstall from scrach and usualy this works well, but not this time.

  1. Upon loading my last project all rex files which are ( .rx2) are renamed automatically to (.rex), so when I try to look for them, Cubase doesn’t automatically find it and I have to either locate them manually or on every search I have to delete the .rex which cubase suggested to put.

  2. Other problem is after manually adding the missing rex slices, they are shown in the channels, but no sound coming from them. When zoombing, slices disappear with the informaiton, zooming back they draw the wave form again, but no sounds coming at all, even when manually delete and add the same loop on the same channel. The only thing that works is deleting the channel, going to the POOL and delete it from there, then it makes sound, but all my manual editing is gone, so this is no solution.
    If needed, I can give you the problematic project.

  3. Also zooming on the timeline while holding the left mouse mouse button, dislocates the play-line and it is not under where my cursour is.

Thank you in advance.