Missing audio split / cut / detect silence functionality


so I took the chance to test WaveLab Cast now for 30 days. After the first try I already wonder if there is no way to split audio in the editor, simply detect silence and either cut or apply even fades, set markers etc. For me this is an essential feature in audio editing, which by my understanding one of the core functionalites of WaveLab Cast is. Cut, adjust, edit and create (a montage), then reder. So am I missing the function or is it really not there? The online help did not give me any hint either by searching for keywords like “detect silence”, “split” etc.


Apart detecting silence automatically, all that can be done in the montage editor.

Split at Silence is currently only found in other WaveLab versions.

Thanks for confirming, was somehow expecting that finally.

I have now decided for an upgrade of my Vegas Movie Studio which included Soundforge Audio Studio 14 which has a bunch of usefull stuff. And with Movie Studio 14 Platinum I am also getting the video features needed. Case closed.