Missing bar lines and brackets in a system

Hello there,
So to my surprise as I was thinking my work on this movement has finished I discovered this awkwardness… A single system - with no brackets or bar lines… I was trying to see how to bring back these elements but for no avail… perhaps you can help? thanks very much.

It might be easiest if you’re able to share the project file itself, but it looks like perhaps the brace has ended up very small and only spanning the middle staff line.

If you make sure signposts are shown, is there a brown bracket and barline change signpost at the start of this system, and if so, does selecting it and deleting it fix the issue? If it was there for an important reason, you should be able to recreate it if necessary.

Hi Again and thanks for your fast reply…
When I saw I turned on all the signposts to see if there was an indication of something but have not find any… how can I send you the project in private? it only happened in this bar , maybe it has something to do with the repetition line…

Thanks - I have managed the issue … it seems that for whatever reason - staves have become upside down interstellar like… :slight_smile: something I must have caused during the engraving processing …

I would recommend using the staff spacing tool in Engrave mode as little as possible, and use the layout’s vertical spacing settings to get as close to what you want in general first.

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I am transferring from a hand written master to Dorico, I am not sure why this is happening… I was very meticulous in my copying but my master is defected so I have decided to use a notation software… I am not familiar well enough with Dorico, I hope I’ll get better in time. I need to review also your previous remarks. Thanks for your guidance.

It takes time to get familiar with a software like this! Everyone on this forum (including myself) has gone through the learning process.

I’ve possibly already shared these videos with you, but just in case I haven’t they’re really useful for getting familiar with how spacing works and especially demonstrating how in Dorico, you can focus on “getting the notes in” first, then review the laying out of pages and all the spacing stuff afterwards. If you’ve got an hour to spare with a beverage of your choice, either (or both) is well worth the time.