Missing bar rests before drum entrance

I’m used to dealing with missing bar-rests; I know to look for “starts voice” or “ends voice” that I can turn off. And I know that in drum set staves this can be ornery. But I’ve always been able to repair it by entering a note in the empty bars; then even if I delete the note, the rests remain. But this one has me stumped.
Sample bar rest.dorico (607.7 KB)

Nothing has its “starts voice” button switched on. Adding-then-deleting notes in the problem bars doesn’t ultimately change the situation. This was a MusicXML import, if that turns out to be relevant. Can anyone help? (I include Harp just to space the empty bars out a bit.)

[By the way: There always used to be useful topics pinned at the top of the forum, like how to cut down on the size of a file you upload. Have those gone away?]

Place the caret in the empty measure and type SHIFT+B rest

It’s most likely a glitch in the MusicXML.

If you look at the Percussion layout as a grid rather than as a five-line staff, you can see that actually the Kick does have its Starts Voice property set. Unset it there and your rests will return.

…and @Derrek, try your suggestion in this file - it doesn’t work.

I’d tried that, thanks to a hint (very likely yours) in an old thread. No result.

Another way of doing it would be to select one of the quarter/crotchet rests in bar 3 or 4, hit O to turn on Force Duration, then Alt-click it to the start of bar 1. That will then start the voice, and at that point - without invoking the caret but with the rest still highlighted (probably blue) - you can type Shift-B Rest Enter.

Thank you, @Derrek and @pianoleo. It was that last suggestion that did it. At first I copied the note to my own first bar (in the real score there are 14 bars before the drums enter), and it resulted in status quo. But copying it to just 2 bars before the drum entrance did the job. And, thanks to your grid layout, I do sort of understand why this happens. My thanks to all.