Missing bars in layout Page View

I am missing some bars in a layout in page view. I can see them in the gallery view, but not in page view.

You’ll need to provide a little more into. Screenshot maybe?

Assuming that it is the bars from bar 36 onwards that are missing, it looks like that there should be a second page. I say this because there does not seem to be enough space to fit another system on the page shown. Try decreasing the size of the notation a bit ( Layout Options > Page Setup > Space Size ) and see if the missing bars come into view on the page. When you do that, make sure that you have selected the Cymbals layout in the Layouts list on the right, and don’t forget to click Apply. If that makes the missing bars appear but you still want the notes at the original size, you will need to decrease the spacing between the systems using Engrave view, Staff Spacing - the middle icon of the five on the left.

If you can’t get it to work, post the Dorico file here (or a cut-down version - maybe just the cymbals part) and others here can examine it to see what is causing the problem.

Hey Steven!

That solved it actually! There was a weird hidden system break.

I reduced the space size and it appeared. I then deleted it and adjusted the space size to the original size.

Thank you very much!

Good to hear that it’s all sorted, Richard.

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