Missing Bass trombone in HSO?

Bass trombone program in Halion SE ?
I am thinking also to upgrade to Halion Sonic, because this should be 24 bit soundquality?
Is the HSO soundset also included in Halion Sonic too ?

The difference in price between the standalone soundset Symphonic VST and Halion Sonic is 100 Euro.
It seems that Halion Sonic offers incredible articulations!: example…Jazz guitar xxl
There is a trial version for Cubase 6.5!
Awesome functionality in Cubase 6.5

In Halion Sonic it seems that the Vst symhonic soundset (16 bit ) also can be used, but i don’t know the soundquality of the Halion Sonic soundset yet ( i can’t find )
How many of the orchestral sound are present in Halion Sonic ?..is there a need for Symphonic Vst sounds
Well i can examine now, because i do have now 2 trialversions installed

It seems that the Halion Symphonic soundset not can be loaded in the Halion Sonic version…only on Halion Sonic SE version…
Sounds the Halion Sonic better that Halion Sonic Se ?