Missing Cues

I did a project in Dorico Pro 4.1 that included cues for the individual parts.
Now in version 4.2 I opened up the same project and the cues are gone. Why?
I need to solve this problem by this coming Wednesday so I can print parts for players at afternoon rehearsal.
Anyone know how to solve this issue?

Hard to tell without seeing the actual project (i.e. the Dorico file). Can you attach it here?

Have you checked the layouts are still set to show cues?

I’ve checked and the layout settings are still the same as when I set and saved the project file in D4.1.
Here’s the file sample:

Black & Blue (A Confusing Peace)D.4.2 Sample.dorico (695.2 KB)

Here are 2 screenshots of one player part in both files. You can see the difference.

Dorico doesn’t spontaneously delete cues, and there really are no cues in the project extract you have posted. Are you sure you’ve not got the versions of the project confused?

The way I know what file version I’m using is by the message Dorico gives me when opening the file: “This file/project was created in version 4.1” or something like this. So I don’t know what else I might have done to delete the cues, other than to save the file in the new version of Dorico.
When I open the 4.1 version, without saving, all the cues show up.
When I open the 4.2 version, all cues are gone.
Is there something else I might need to do, or that I missed when converting the file?

I just got off the phone with Steinberg Tech support. We ended up creating a new file from the D 4.1 version.
Then I started having problems with the sound/instrument assignment for each player.
I went into setup and re-load each instrument. As I did that, all the cues started disappearing.
So now there’s a second problem where instruments are not loading up when activated and I have to re-load them from the set up window, because in the play window nothing seems to activate them.
Long story short, I know what deletes the cues. I now need to solve the issue of instruments not loading.
Very frustrating.
any ideas?

Yes, changing the instrument (even to the same instrument) will indeed remove the cues. Reapplying the playback template (from Play > Playback Template…) is typically the first port of call when trying to resolve issues with silent or incorrect playback.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
That did it. I don’t know why I’m having problems with playback, lately.
I haven’t even been able to use my VSL instruments since they changed to iLok.
More learning curves to overcome.
Anyway, again my sincere thank you.