Missing Device Panel background objects?

Was trying to figure out how everybody is making device panels with those cool rounded corners and the colored title bars, and I seem to be missing those background objects in the Panel Editor?

I did some Google searching and noticed pictures of other/older panel editor screens with that big empty space on the left filled with three different larger backgrounds, the ones with the rounded corners and title bars! Were these removed or something? Do we not get them on the Mac??

I just tried reinstalling Cubase on top of itself, no luck. Not sure if I should start deleting prefs and/or clean installing everything just to see if some graphics come back.

This is Cubase Pro 12.0.52, on an Intel Mac/Ventura 13.2.1. I came back to Cubase around the end of 11’s time, not sure if I ever opened the MIDI Devices back then, but in 12 those backgrounds have never been there for me.

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Hi Monotremata, this is happening to me since v10 and it has not been solved.

I’ve tested this in Mojave, Catalina and Monterey in 3 different Macs (2 Intel, 1 M1) and this seems to be broken everywhere.

I did made a similar post some months ago but had almost zero response in the forum.

Yeah I’ve somewhat given up on Device Panels for now. I ended up making the entire panel for my Rev2, then found out that whenever you update your patches on it, the panel doesn’t update and is stuck with whatever patchlist was installed at the time you created it, and there isnt any way to copy/paste elements between them either.

Tried to make a new panel for it, and basically had to start all over from scratch. You cant even copy/paste parameters between panels, and the thought of re-entering all of those again by hand put me off real quick heh. Luckily the Rev2 sits right in front of me, don’t really need a panel for it I suppose.