Missing dialog? Dorico hangs.

When editing information in the Information Window, in Dorico 3, you can add and delete flows there in order to setup your project more conveniently. It’s a new great feature.
Nonetheless, I’ve found out that, when deleting flows which contain music from this window, Dorico hangs. It doesn’t freeze nor crashes; it just hangs as if waiting for a confirmation. From there, you can’t make any other operation, but you can quit Dorico (not force quit, just normally quit) and reopen. I’m guessing the confirmation window for deleting a flow with music is missing or something like that?

I have a similar issue with the transpose dialog. Not sure why but when I’m set up for two monitors that particular window appears at the very bottom at the bottom (macbook) screen with only the top bar of the window showing. I thought D was hanging up every time I tried to transpose, then I found it. Now I at least know where to look first.
Could this be a similar case?

I was able to duplicate this problem, but my hidden dialog theory didn’t happen.

actually, D didn’t hang, it just now threw up a dialog confirming the changes - maybe 2 minutes after drying to close the info window.

Oh, interesting. So it’s an impatience issue on my side. Ha ha ha. I’ll try again, this time waiting for the dialog to appear.

When you apply the changes in the Project Info dialog, you will have to wait the same amount of time you would wait if you were doing those operations directly in Setup mode, because (obviously) Dorico does actually have to do them, and some of them take time. This is documented in the Dorico 3 Version History PDF, which I commend to you.

Thanks. I had read the Version History and the part about waiting; I just didn’t expect it to be more that five minutes… but then, I had never deleted flows with so much information, so I had no idea.
Still, very much grateful for your kind help and precious time.