Missing "double line" after a system break?

After inserting a “end/start repeat” Dorico doesn’t insert a “double line” in case of a system break. It is not possible to insert a “double” manually at this line after inserting the “end/start repeat”.
Is this a bug?
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I don’t think this is a bug. You would expect to see a double barline, e.g. ||, at the end of the system if there is actually a start repeat barline at that position? If that is a convention that is widely used, I’m sorry to say it’s passed me and the team by. Please give me some more information about the types of music in which you would see this, and we’ll look into it some more.

I just ran into this as well.

My 2 cents: I like to be able to do this–a double bar at the end of a system, followed by a repeat–on jazz charts. I don’t think its a convention, but its something you should be able to do if you want.

Thanks so much Daniel and the Dorico crew!

Gould mentions this on page 234.

Thanks for your answer, Daniel!
First, I hope you had a nice and relaxed day yesterday!

I know this convention for now playing and writing music in/for many different ensembles for more than 30 years.
As I know, this is a widely used convention in many different styles of music (e.g. folk, chamber music, classical music, church music).
Every time you have a line break in a stave or a system of an instrument or in the whole score and a “begin repeat” follows in next line, there should be a double barline at the end of line before. In my knowledge this is a widely used convention in writing music.

(Remark: in my example of course the houses 1.+2. are missing - but we know, that they will come soon … so their is no comment to this.)

Thanks, everyone. I have logged this and we will address it in future.

Will this be possible in version 1.0.30?

(If the repeat was in the middle of a musical section, the double line would be omitted (at the end of a stave). But if a section began with a start repeat in a new stave, you would have to put a double line at the end of the previous stave. Just as you would put a double line there without having a repeat.)


I hope it’s understandable. I’m not native English.

Any hint when Dorico will add this feature?

Is implemented and running in Dorico 1.1.10.
See “engraving options -> bar lines”.
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Two additions to this:

  1. I’d like to be able to select this option on a case-by-case basis, not just globally.
    In popular music, the double barline is mainly used to signify the start of a new section. Since whole sections are often repeated in this particular context, one might get the impression that the double barline is a direct result of the repeat, when in reality, the two are independent.

If you’d want a few bars repeated within a particular song section, I would argue there shouldn’t be a double barline before the opening repeat barline, and since both cases might occur in the same piece, the option should be made independent of global settings.

  1. For the same reason as above, since time signatures in relation to repeated sections are notated between the preceding barline and an opening repeat barline, there needs to be an option to show a double barline before a repeated section in a new time signature, regardless of whether there is a system break involved or not. Again, this should be selectable on a case-by-case basis.

I’d like to be able to select this option on a case-by-case basis, not just globally.

Thumbs up here for Knut Neergard, that’s a feature I truly miss a lot.
Because while writing modern charts in pop, rock or jazz music the double line is used as marker for sections (verse, bridge, …) and it’s a big help for readers, but if the following chorus starts on a new line with a repeat sign the section marking double line is lost. But for shure I do not want this done globally, because if the repeat occurs in a section itself (like in a verse) I don’t want the double line showing, because there’s no new section following. And as long as Dorico does not offer a decent left aligned marking method for sections, like “chorus”, “verse” et cetera, this is an other minus point for Dorico in terms of writing song sheets or leadsheets, because – sorry to say so – every other scoring programm is able to do this …

Jürg, why can’t you use system-attached text for your section markers? Just the fact that it doesn’t automatically align with the left-hand side of the barline? (Unless things have changed dramatically since I was personally involved – which I don’t believe they have – then Product A doesn’t provide any more advanced features for this kind of section marker than Dorico does at present.)

Just the fact that it doesn’t automatically align with the left-hand side of the barline?

Daniel, but that indeed is my wish! I desperatly need the alignment at the barline or even better at the left page margin. Like this the section text is out of the way an does not collide with chords and other notation symbols. Well that’s the way all engravers would do, while writing pop charts and it’s really tedious to move those texts around in each and every part. And besides product A has an alignement to the page margin and that was in your time :wink:. So hopefully you give “system text” the long awaited alignement possibilities really soon …

Thanks for your answer

Sorry, but aligning text to the page margin and aligning it to the barline isn’t equivalent, unless you’re talking specifically about the first barline of the system, and only then if no staff labels are present (or indeed anything else that would produce an indent). But I understand the request.