Missing drum editor

Hi all!

Am I missing anything or the drum editor has been removed from Cubase? I’ve not been using it for a long time and I’m not able to find it anymore. Any help would be appreciate.


Removing the drum editor would cause a revolt.

Did you create a part in the arrange page? It can be a empty or blank part or part containing midi data.

Then click on the part to highlight and go to the menu to find the drum editor.

You’re right, it’s working in Cubase. BUT it’s been disapeard is in Nuendo 6.5!

You need nek to use the drumeditor you paid already in cubase for in nuendo. one of the glorious steinberg ideas and one of the reasons I sold nuendo.

It seems like you don’t need the Nek, just the Cubase license in the same computer. Anyway, I have the NEK, so I’ll try to reinstall everything :slight_smile: