Missing dynamics in Page view

hi, is there a reason that dynamics would appear ‘correctly’ (i.e. as I entered them) in Galley View, but then not appear in Page View? I have a cresc. hairpin to f : in Page View I get the hairpin but not the f - but its there correctly in Galley ??


Can you show us a screenshot? The usual cause is not enough horizontal space.

Here are screenshots of the Page View and Galley View. There are not a lot of notes on the page, so space doesn’t seem to be the issue.

I’d guess it is caused by the instrument change To Ob. and you probably dragged the other fs back from the following bar?

In this case, the problem is caused by the instrument change. The forte dynamic that appears at the end of bar 151 is actually rhythmically at the start of bar 152, and Dorico is transitioning to the oboe staff at that point, so the dynamic is not shown. It’s a bit of a pain, and something we need to improve in future. But for the time being you should find that if you select the forte dynamic and use Alt+left to move it rhythmically back into bar 151, it will appear correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If the forte is grouped to the hairpin, shortening that a fraction will work too (Shift-Alt/Opt-Left arrow).

Thanks all: that has fixed it. I now also understand some important things about dynamic positioning! Great - thanks for being so speedy too.