Missing dynamics when starting playback mid-phrase

Hi all,

often when I try to start playback in the middle of a section, I get mf instead of the dynamic indicated earlier in the music.

No big deal but at bit irritating to have to go back or add extra dynamics. Is there some smart way to avoid that this happens?

Using Noteperformer.

In general, Dorico does chase dynamics correctly, because it builds a profile of all of the dynamics for every instrument and keeps it up-to-date, so it knows what the dynamic level should be at every point. Can you please provide a simple example that reproduces the problem you’re experiencing?

I have cut out a short example. However, in the exported excerpt, all is normal. When trying out the original file again, the program suddenly hung and I had to restart the computer. After that, the BT headphones I was using does not connect to Dorico, but the original file also plays back correctly now. Related to the BT headphones?

Hm… If it happens again and I can reproduce it, I will provide the example.

I don’t think the headphones are likely to be anything to do with this problem. The program should behave the same regardless of the audio device you’re using for playback.